The company

identified as EPIKENTRO

Continues to be founded as an initiative of the Chamber of Lesvos, planning to offer complete services and boost the area profession, at the same time in 1999.


years of experience

The central operates as a

  • Labour Observatory
  • Company Support Unit
  • Centre for entrepreneurs that are brand new

Mobile Business Unit (seeing the the main city municipalities of the Prefecture)
Lately, in every municipality, antennas shaped as a result of EQUIVALENT European Initiative for entrepreneurship development

What's more?

Aside from preparing, planning plans in Western Programs and arranging activities, courses, meetings, marketing suggestions for enterprise improvement, exceptional dedication and our main goal for that next decades would be to link ICT and advancement with regional manufacturing. This past year there been within the island of Lemnos has a brand new division produced underneath NAIAS Project's umbrella and works together with close co operation using the Organization Heart, attempting to supply the people of Lemnos island with typical providers.

Moreover, there's a detailed cooperation between your Middle & most public and individual businesses within the Northern Aegean Area, nearby systems and organizations (for instance College of Aegean, Ministry of Aegean, co operative Bank of Lesvos-Lemnos, Regional Development Organization for Lesvos Island, Local Development Finance, Prefecture of Lesvos) to be able to accomplish the efficient selection and distribution of related data.

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